Did curly hair need more protection?

If you are a fashion minded person, then you would be more conscious about your hairstyle whether it may be straightened or curly both need more protection because curly or straighten it lasts only for three days. If you followed perfect curly style by hydrate it looks great only for 3 days after the third day sleeps perfect curls will be crushed and hair looks like flat and out of style. Here there are few ways of sleeping with curly hair.

curly hair protection

  • Sleeping with wet hair:  if you have a habit of washing hair at night and go to bed with wet hair, ensure that you lift your hair up and lie down. Place a pillow touches towards your neck where your hair falls down so that your hairstyles to sleep in for curly hair not get squished and never frizzes or never get flat.
  • Sleeping with dry hair: you can follow either pineapple or ponytail method to keep your hair curly overnight.
  • Pineapple method means tie your curly hair loosely on top of your head like a crown and clip it with normal clip this will dent your hair to fall in front so basically, it looks like a pineapple. In this method, you will not lose your curl since hair is not squished by a head while sleeping.
  • Ponytail method is a normal method used by all girls you can tie your hair little bit lower head like a ponytail and place the pillow beneath your neck. Ensure that you lift your hair up so your hair falls above the pillow thus your curls will not be crushed. This method is mainly used for the people who toss too much during sleep.
  • Sleeping with a stain bonnet:  many of you are familiar with sleeping with silk pillowcase in order to preserve the hair moisture and not to crash their curls but in silk pillowcase you could not sleep in comfortable. There is an alternate way is sleeping with satin bonnet in this method you can have comfortable sleep without crashing your curly hair.

The above-said method can vary to different people based on their sleeping among all the methods if you want to preserve your curly hair from overnight sleep you must prevent your hair is moisture absorption. Those who have short hairs it is better to use sleeping with a stain bonnet method to prevent their curly hair from overnight sleep.