Side effect of sleeping with hair in a ponytail

Side effect of sleeping with hair in a ponytail

In this generation, being without hair loss is almost not a possible thing for anyone. There are so many reasons that exist for hair falling and it gets differs from one person to another.

Among these reasons, some of them are due to lack of essential nutrients that are required to prevent hair loss, but you know the lifestyle you are leading is al a major reason for your hair loss.

Not only the lifestyle your hair combing or hair styling way also influences your hair loss.

These generation girls like to sleep with hair in a ponytail or with bun, they feel through this they can have the peaceful, undisturbed sleep.Side effect of sleeping with hair in a ponytail2

But the fact is total opposite one of the major reasons for your hair loss is this that is having the ponytail during your sleep.

You may have any type of hair that is never going to be the matter but you should not sleep with the ponytail.

According to the study, it has proved that when you sleeping with hair up or having the ponytail continuously there is a chance of getting alopecia.

The alopecia is nothing but the type of hair loss that is caused because of continuous pulling. There is a chance of getting bald patches in that particular place in your future.

The hairstyles are the only reason why most of the people getting this traction alopecia in this generation.

The common cause of alopecia includes the tight ponytails, tight braids, hair extensions or hair buns.

The main cause of hair loss is due to the pressure in the root of the hair, this pressure will be there when you have any type of hairstyles.

But when you have these ponytails it furthermore leads to the increased pressure in the root of the hair.Side effect of sleeping with hair in a ponytail3

This leads to heavy hair loss in the future. The experts why advise not to have ponytail during your bedtime is, when we are sleeping we used to give some pressure to particular points so blood circulation might get slower this can damage your hair root.

People not stopping with this, they make use of some of the chemicals over their hair to make them shiners and to have the better look, especially when they have the ponytail. These chemicals have enough potent to damage your hair root.

Final words

Even though you can enjoy some of the benefits of sleeping with hair in a ponytail, the drawback is high. If you want to protect your hair stop sleeping with the ponytail.